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Part-Time Office Administrator/ Bookkeeper Job Description   


Thank you so much for your interest in Gray Fox Design Works.  

Job Summary:

Gray Fox is looking for a Part Time Office Administrator/Bookkeeper (15-20 hours per week) to perform communications, bookkeeping, accounts billable/payable, project scheduling, and ordering materials. In addition to being a highly organized person with a strong work ethic, the applicant should be a good communicator and comfortable with technology in general and proficient with Google docs, Google sheets, and Quickbooks Online. 



The preferred candidate will have at least 2 years of experience in a related field - bookkeeping, office management, executive assistant, etc, and/or have experience as a business owner or manager. They should also be familiar with Quickbooks online or a similar bookkeeping software. 


The candidate should be friendly, organized, motivated, proactive, creative, efficient and have an eye for detail. 



  • Monitor and organize all communications from clients, vendors, staff, etc. including writing/responding to emails. 

  • Perform basic bookkeeping tasks such as bill paying, invoicing, tracking cash flow, reconciling accounts, running payroll, paying taxes, filing reports, etc.  

  • Provide general administrative assistance to Gray Fox owner/management through regular communication and reports. 

  • Maintain, update, and create tools for project tracking, profit analysis, overhead analysis, etc.  

  • Perform various miscellaneous tasks as they arise such as checking inventory, ordering supplies, creating spreadsheets, etc. 


Pay and Benefits:

Starting hourly wage is $18 - $25 per hour, depending on skill level and experience, with the opportunity for annual pay raises - includes sick pay, vacation pay and weekends off.


If you are interested in applying for the Office Administrator position, complete the following steps:


  • You will need the following code to enter the application: Xo7gf9k%&**

  • Click for the Office Administrator application

    • Enter the above code to continue in the application. 

  • Complete the application 

    • We will contact you if we would like to schedule an interview 


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