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Production Manager Job Description 

Thank you so much for your interest in Gray Fox Design Works. We are NOT currently hiring. However, if you would like to fill out an application, we will be happy to look it over and keep it on file for consideration at a future date.  

Job Summary:

Gray Fox is looking for a Full-Time Production Manager to lead a small team of carpenters, building custom furniture and cabinetry, in our Harrisonburg, VA workshop.  In addition to being a highly organized person, the applicant should be an experienced and skilled woodworker with a strong work-ethic,  who is an excellent communicator that thrives in a collaborative work environment.



The preferred candidate will have at least 5 years of full time experience in a related field - furniture making, woodworking, manufacturing, industrial design, cabinet making, carpentry, and/or construction and have management experience. They must also be proficient with all woodworking hand-tools and shop machinery (including jointer, planer, table saw, bandsaw, miter saw, shaper, spray finishing equipment, etc.) 


The candidate should be friendly, organized, motivated, and efficient and have a fine eye for details. They should also be experienced with cabinet and furniture design and construction methods, project workflow, shop safety procedures, creating task lists, reading plans, maintaining and setting up tools, etc. 



Build custom furniture and cabinetry to Gray Fox's high standards.

Ensure shop is running efficiently and safely.

Communicate with management team effectively regarding project scope, timelines, material requirements, and personnel needs.

Read plans and understand project scope. 

Measure and verify plans on site.

Create workflow for current projects and daily task lists for team members. 

Help carpenters troubleshoot complicated aspects of various projects.

Ensure tools and machinery are maintained and running safely.

Install and deliver cabinets, built-ins and custom furniture pieces.


Pay and Benefits:

Starting hourly wage is $20- $30 per hour, depending on skill level and experience, with the opportunity for annual pay raises, includes sick pay, vacation pay and weekends off.


If you are interested in applying for the Production Manager position, complete the following steps:


  • You will need the following code to enter the application: Xo7gf9k%&**

  • Click for the Production Manager application 

    • Enter the above code to continue in the application. 

  • Complete the application 

    • We will contact you if we would like to schedule an interview 

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